A software that allows you to monitor and track the entire training process for continuous improvement.
ECM allowed the certification of quality education in different offices as it was done based on a distributed architecture of three-tier computing model according to the “web-based”, ie:

The level “Presentation” with advanced graphical user interface GUI operating on the client platform that requires the presence of only a web browser.

The level “application” where is the logic of the operating system on a machine logic actually called “Web Application” Server.

The level “data” served by the manager of the Data Base, on a machine logic actually called “database server”.

All application components are homogeneous technologically and the communication protocol of local and wide area network used is TCP / IP. Access to the application is via HTTPS.
For what concerns the presentation layer, the client tier is able to meet the needs of every type of user, always guaranteeing access to the system via the exclusive use of standard web browsers.

The system does not require any installation of software application or other items at the premises of users and solution does not entail any logistical infrastructure hardware.
The level “Application”, governs the application logic related to the presentation of data.

The data tier is made up of the platform Oracle 10g R2 and subsequent releases, is being certified PostgreSQL.
The languages ​​and protocols used in the development environment are typical of Web technology: HTML, XML, J2EE, Java, JavaScript, ANSI C.

The publication of the solution takes place in safe mode with https (http + SSL encryption) in order to be able to be used without any restrictions on the public internet and on the company intranet.