Why NBS S.r.l.

Why NBS S.r.l.

The solutions developed by NBS S.r.l. are designed to meet the diverse needs of the local, regional and national private and public health. NBS S.r.l. is constantly working on quality and innovative solutions with the goal of enabling high configurability of business processes in order to allow each healthcare organization to optimize and rationalize their resources.

Management systems developed NBS S.r.l. that adapts well to the needs of healthcare organizations supporting them in their continued evolution towards a model of health care closer to the citizens and, at the same time, economically sustainable.


The solution is able to ensure, in own and / or integration with external systems department, conducting all medical processes and administrative and accounting, in accordance with the regulations, rules and operational workflows and documentary inspired by the “best practices “of the respective business areas;


The solution is prepared according to the logic of continue business processes , both in their own domain in the interaction between diversity of domains such as might occur in the exchange of operational flows between health processes, logistics and administrative. All the modules and functionality proposals are integrated into a single logic application that insists on a single database of information that is also repository of medical records and outpatient as well as of the health profile of the client.