services and products

services and products


ACCREDITATION SYSTEM EVENTS AND ECM PROVIDER: Information system for managing regional accreditation of CME events and training business.

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM TRAINING: Information system for the management of Corporate Training.

PRIMARY CARE – IL LEGAME COVALENTE:¬† Winner of “FORUM PA 2006” . The project has seen the creation of a computer system that traces the history of social health of citizens and allows professionals to cooperate actively for the continuity of care and taking charge.

HEALTH ‘FRIENDLY: The project is a computer system that allows you to connect Hospital and Territory in order to cooperate in the social and health workers, to carry out the reconstruction of the history of public health aimed at continuity of care and taking charge .

118 SOCIAL: The system manages documents relating to the social project to support and coordinate the network of public and private services for the benefit of citizens. The functional areas involved are: the customer’s needs and its decoding, filling the folder and social activation of ‘electronic evaluation unit.


Main Services Offered

  • ¬†Management Consulting and Privacy
  • Realization Information Systems
  • Design and Network Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Training

The NBS S.r.l. also carries out the following services:

  • management systems, databases and document archiving
  • design, implementation and maintenance of e-mail servers, application servers, print and fax automation of remote access systems for telework activities;
  • realization solutions for data security, antivirus site protection centralized area networks, backup systems and disaster recovery;
  • design and implementation of systems software interface between the management platform and devices in the numerical control of the production area;
  • consulting services, training and outsourcing of EDP systems business private and public entities.